Upcoming Special Events  

(see the schedule for the full list of upcoming events)

WEDNESDAY MORNING (SUMMER) - June through August

Beginning June 5th at 6:10am, the Wednesday morning early am program will resume for the summer months.  This is meditation, followed by morning service, followed by Oryoki Breakfast (formal monastic eating bowls).  Every Wednesday, 6:10-8:30am, June-August.

ANNUAL MEETING - June 9th, Saturday, 10am - 12noon  

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to come together to discuss the current status and well-being of Shao Shan Temple.  Most of our programs are focused on matters of spiritual practice; this program is different in that it focuses on the administrative and functional aspects of Shao Shan Temple - the ground of how the Temple functions and moves forward.  It is important that those who actively participate in Shao Shan Temple programs are aware of the structure that enables these programs to be offered.  Anyone who feels connected with Shao Shan Temple and would like to participate is welcome to attend.  Formal students are particularly requested to attend.  Please RSVP.

ANIMAL/PET BLESSING - June 15th, Saturday, 10am 

You and your animal friend or pet are invited to Shao Shan Temple for an Animal Blessing Ceremony.  To maintain interspecies harmony, all animals must be either on a leash or in a cage.  If you have an animal that probably would not do well in a group setting, please consider bringing a photograph instead.  There will also be a time to honor deceased animal companions.  RSVP is helpful! Both # of people and # of animals.

JUKAI - June 30th, Sunday, 1:30pm

A formal ceremony for those making a commitment to the Buddhist path.

OPEN HOUSE - August 18th, Sunday 2pm-4pm

*EVERYONE WELCOME!*  more details here.  Please RSVP.

Nature Spirits Pilgrimage  August 25th, Sunday

A pilgrimage to honor the land and resources that support our practice.  Open to those who practice regularly at Shao Shan Temple.