Winter Announcements.  


As the parking lot size decreases (snow!), it is helpful to everyone if cars are parked fairly close together so that there are not unusable spaces between cars. If you are the first car in the parking lot, please park all the way to one side of the lot, so that subsequent cars can park directly next to you.

 It has been requested that people not park parallel to the driveway in the upper parking lot, since this makes it difficult for others to turn around to get back down to the lower parking lot if they get up there and find it is full.

 If you are fit, please consider parking in the lower parking lot for programs that are often well-attended (Tuesday evening, Saturday morning). 


For the safety of everyone, if someone is walking up or down the driveway, please wait for them to be to top/bottom before starting down the driveway.

 Although we will sometimes cancel programs when the driving is obviously difficult or predicted to be so, we do not always know in advance.  Please use your own best judgement regarding whether it is safe to come, keeping in mind that there is often more snow, etc. in Woodbury than elsewhere and that the backroad conditions are often different than the blacktop.

 If the weather is questionable and you are not on our email list, please call to double check whether the program in question is happening.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!