Upcoming Special Events  

(see the schedule for the full list of upcoming events)

WEDNESDAY MORNING (SUMMER) - June through August

Beginning June 5th at 6:10am, the Wednesday morning early am program will resume for the summer months.  This is meditation, followed by morning service, followed by Oryoki Breakfast (formal monastic eating bowls).  Every Wednesday, 6:10-8:30am, June-August.

NO PUBLIC PROGRAMS - July 1st - 6th  

The Temple will be closed for renovations and maintenance.

JUKAI - June 30th, Sunday, 1:30pm

A formal ceremony for those making a commitment to the Buddhist path.

OPEN HOUSE - August 18th, Sunday 2pm-4pm

*EVERYONE WELCOME!*  more details here.  Please RSVP.

Nature Spirits Pilgrimage  August 25th, Sunday

A pilgrimage to honor the land and resources that support our practice.  Open to those who practice regularly at Shao Shan Temple.