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About Us

Shao Shan Temple, nestled in Woodbury, Vermont, offers a schedule of regular zazen (meditation), study, retreats and liturgy within an intimate natural setting.  

Shao Shan Temple is a registered temple within the Japanese school of Soto Zen Buddhism.  

Rev.Taihaku Priest founded and constructed Shao Shan Temple in 1997 and the opening ceremony was held in 2000. She was formally installed as abbot September 15th, 2013.

                  Abbot Installation Ceremony (Shinzanshiki)

Reverend Taihaku Seiren Priest trained at Hokyoji Training Monastery, located in Japan, and received Dharma Transmission from Tanaka-Shinkai Roshi, Abbot of Hokyoji.  
She is authorized by the Japanese Order of Soto Zen to carry out her responsibilities as a zen priest and teacher. 

Reverend Kenzan Seidenberg is Shao Shan Temple Vice-Abbot. 
He was ordained by Rev. Taihaku Priest in 2008,was shuso in 2013 and received dharma transmission in January 2016.

The Shao Shan Temple mission statement (as documented in the "Articles of Incorporation") is:

The purpose of Shao Shan Temple is to support the cultivation of spirit by offering: regular schedules of meditation, chanting and Buddhist liturgy; extended meditation retreats; study of the Buddhist system of thought, including moral and ethical teachings; and by maintaining a temple which provides a conducive atmosphere for meditation, retreats, chanting, services, and study.  Shao Shan Temple will uphold the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Two Founders (Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji) and Soto Zen.

Photos below are from the opening ceremony in year 2000.

(The monastery where Taihaku trained is Hokyoji in Japan, see pictures here.)

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