Guidelines & Policies

To protect and cultivate an environment conducive to spiritual practice, Shao Shan Temple has developed appropiate guidelines.

These guidelines have been approved by the Shao Shan Temple board of directors and are reviewed/revised regularly.

Below are the Decorum Guidelines for all who participate at Shao Shan Temple.

The Ethics & Safeguarding Policy is here.

The Guest Guidelines and Priest Training Guidelines are available by request.

Decorum Guidelines

To protect and cultivate an environment conducive to spiritual practice, the following guidelines regarding decorum are set forth:

Conduct on the premises

§ Participation in programs while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances is not allowed.

§ Illegal substances and firearms are not allowed on the premises.

§ No smoking on the premises.

§ Dogs should be leashed while on the premises.

§ Cell phones should be turned off, with exception by permission.


§ Clean, modest, subdued and appropriate clothing should be worn at programs.

§ No shorts, halter or sleeveless tops at programs.

§ No strong scents.

§ No jewelry that jangles.

§ Okesa and robes are worn:

  • By an ordained priest who holds a position as an officer at Shao Shan Temple or a novice priest who is actively training at Shao Shan Temple.

  • By guest priests for a period up to 21 days or a length of time determined by Shao Shan Temple’s head teacher.


The Zendo room is reserved exclusively for Zazen, liturgy, chanting, bowing practices and ceremonies.