Shao Shan Temple Cemetery is an established cemetery registered with the Town of Woodbury.

We invite you to visit the serene mossy cemetery up the hill through the red gate. The cemetery looks down on the temple's front doors and all who enter the temple. This cemetery for cremated remains is unusual in America in that it is associated with a Buddhist Temple with an active practice. Although this Buddhist Cemetery is intended primarily for those who practice at Shao Shan Temple, it is open to others who are drawn to this peaceful setting.

Having a Cemetery connected with Shao Shan Temple supports a diligent personal practice through the ever-present reminder of the impermanence of life. Those who have passed before us and with whom we have practiced together, continue to encourage us.

There is an Annual Remembrance Ceremony in the cemetery to honor those who are interred there and to our lineage ancestors.

Lots are now available. The Cemetery design and survey can be viewed here.

Please contact us for prices and additional details: cemetery(at)shaoshantemple.org

A Buddhist Cemetery in Northern Vermont.

Member of the Vermont Cemetery Association