Family - Teen - Youth Programs

Family Program

A Family (or Children's) Program is usually offered once a month and may be either online or in-person.  

In general, when it is online it is a shorter program (20-30minutes) and oriented for younger children.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program.

Shao Shan Temple is excited to offer a program specifically for families. Parents are invited to join the meditation schedule and discussion time;  separate mindfulness and nature activities are provided for the children and teens. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this program; registration is required (it is not required to attend an "Introduction" program first for the Family Program).  Please note that if we do not have sufficient RSVPs by the Thursday afternoon prior to the program, it may be cancelled.  Be sure to phone if you have not RSVPed by Thursday to make certain that the program is still happening.



Next Teen Day is ... to be determined...

If you have teenage children who are interested or are yourself an interested teen, 

please contact the Temple to explore possibilities.

Some of the previous topics of the Teen Program have been:

         "How to Cook Your Life" (blog)

         "Drawing Your Life" (blog)

         "Finding Our Way" (blog)

Animal Friend Memorial Garden

There is a small pet memorial garden on Shao Shan land for the burial of our animal companions' ashes.  Often children connected to Shao Shan Temple who created this site are part of maintaining it.  

A visit here is included as part of the "Pet Blessing Ceremony" in the summer.